Vanuatu 2006

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We're off across the South Pacific to fish for Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish and a variety of sport fish in Vanuatu's 83 island archipelago. This region is a year long, world class Blue Marlin and sport fishery and one of the gems of the South Pacific. Vanuatu is rich in traditional culture and rituals, with remote islands whose people still live as they have for centuries. Active volcanoes (including the world's most accessible on Tanna Island) and magnificent dive sites such as the wreck of the President Coolidge add to the appeal.

Shaka was purpose-built to meet the demands of luxury live aboard fishing trips for extended periods at secluded locations like Vanuatu and this will be our maiden voyage.

Shaka's Captain, Jared Weir, a long time resident of Vanuatu, began his professional career in the region having spent 13 years fishing areas that are now considered some of the country's legendary grounds. His involvement during the fisheries establishment years of the 80's and mid 90's lead to first time exploratory expeditions via the Maskelyne Group to Espiritu Santo and setting local records for All Tackle Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Dogtooth Tuna to name a few.

This combination of a true sport fisher and a dedicated international tournament winning captain and crew who are familiar with the region, it's customs, language and culture adds to Vanuatu's inherent attractions to create what we believe will be an unforgettable fishing and island hopping expedition.

From late May to early July, Shaka will fish the remote, unspoiled environment of Vanuatu's outer islands. We hope to cover the following in our travels -

  • The Shepherd Islands area includes Cooks Reef (an atoll two miles wide which has developed on volcanic foundations), Monument Rock, the Matasso Sea Mount and the De Chaulliac Bank (a series of sea mounts 12 miles west of the island of Epi and south of Malekula).
  • Banks and Torres Islands lie to the remote north of the Vanuatu archipelago and are rarely visited by tourists. The natural environment is totally unspoiled and the fishing is spectacular.
  • The Sabine Shoal lies 60 nautical miles west of Luganville on Espirito Santo. Rising almost to the surface from thousands of fathoms, the shoal is virtually unvisited. Shaka's long range capacity will allow us to explore its mysteries.

We plan to post news of our adventures (Vanuatu technology permitting) on a separate site (see Links on this page or click here).

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