Shaka - the origin of the name

The boat is named Shaka in honour of Barry Martin, designer and builder of the Assegai sports fishing vessels.

Shaka (c. 1787 - 1828) founded the Zulu nation. In the early 19th century, Shaka, the son of a Zulu chieftain and Nandi, a daughter of a past chief of the Langeni tribe, seized power over the then-insignificant Zulu clan and changed its traditional fighting methods and equipment. The long throwing assegai was changed to a short stabbing spear with a long, swordlike spearhead.

Shaka increased the power of his tribe. Conquered clans and tribes were incorporated into the Zulu nation and in eleven years he increased their number from 1500 people to 50 000 warriors alone. From the time of Shaka onwards, the Zulu nation fought many wars against the British settlers, before finally succumbing in 1906.

Barry Martin has similarly founded a company which has created a line of legendary boats, from his first - Assegai - to this, his latest vessel. His boats are used in combat with some of the greatest fish in the sea. This latest vessel, in particular, was built to roam the oceans in search of new battles to fight and new regions to conquer. It is appropriate that recognition be given to the creator of this fearsome weapon.

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